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Fast Moving Courier is a non-asset-based truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and intermodal logistics provider that offers transportation and logistics service to manufacturers, producers & shippers all across North America. Our reach can also be scaled to global markets based on client requirements.

Working For Shippers & Carriers

Our team trained to handle various regions across North America. We are well equipped for any mode of transportation and understand how to maximize backhaul opportunities, build strong relationships, and closely track rate fluctuations for our shippers. When we say we are going to deliver a load, we do it no questions asked.

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Value Added Logistics

Value Added Logistics

We know that no two industries are the same, just like your supply chains. We know as a shipper you need to meet unique demands that set you apart from your competition. We tailor our logistics solutions first for your industry, and then to your business needs. Why? Because you need shipping & logistics that is custom made for your business.

Seamless Shipper Integration

Your goods need to arrive on time and on budget. Our seamless logistics solutions allow us to act quickly to cover required shipping lanes & supply chain requirements. No matter the equipment required.

Our growing carrier network is home to some of the best in the industry. Our strong relationships with carriers is the strength of our business.

We further the power of our network using powerful technology solutions that increase on time delivery rates over competitors. All our power units are monitored and adhere to strict deadlines laid our by our logistics coordinators.

Seamless Shipper Integration
ocean shipping
Ocean Shipping
Ocean shipping doesn’t need to be complicated. We can coordinate with our global partners to get you product direct from supplier to your facility or vice versa.
Intermodal is one of our strengths, we can handle your shipments on ocean, rail and by truck by coordinating with one of our 4,500 insured carriers.
Direct To Store
Our direct to store services can take your product from your distribution centre direct to your store or regional facility. Our seamless solution makes this a breeze.
Over The Road
Over The Road
Our team can help you cover all your bases so you can meet virtually any delivery time and date. Our network of 4500 over the road carriers is well equipped to meet your shipping needs.

We Make Shippers Lives Easy
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FMS has taken the guess work out of shipping questions that used to arise when we wanted to get goods across country. Love the fact that we can focus on our business and leave logistics to the experts

‐ John Don

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